Your durable and 100% functionnal refurbished smartphone

The Again smartphones are refurbished in France and respect strict environmental and quality requirements

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High-end smartphones within everyone’s reach!

At Again, we offer refurbished smartphones up to 70% cheaper without compromising the quality of the technology used!

We check 38 points including the SAR value (we are the only French refurbisher to do it)

For maximum autonomy, your battery has either 85% of its initial capacity or is new

We offer a warranty which goes up to 24 months

Our iPhones are unlocked

Did you know this?

A refurbished smartphone means up to 6.5 times less CO2e. emissions vs a brand new

Since our creation in 2015, we have sold more than one million refurbished smartphones in France and abroad. Pretty good, right? That is one more reason to trust us for your next iPhone purchase.

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We do know that choosing a refurbished smartphone is challenging!

  • You have doubts regarding the quality of these smartphones: durability, issues with the battery, warranty etc.
  • There are so many refurbishers and new ones appear almost everyday, most of them being unreliable

When you choose Again, a French brand located in Maine-et-Loire, France, you know for sure that you are buying a refurbished smartphone which is cheaper but also reliable and 100% operational with our strict environmental and quality requirements.

You no longer need to spend hours on BackMarket searching for your next smartphone, you have already found it here!

Camille from Again

Digital Brand Manager

Again explained in 15 seconds

Created in 2015 by Itancia – a French group and a pionneer in giving a second life to technology products in France – Again is one of the first refurbisher on the market. With the 30 years of experience of Itancia Group, it offers you reliable and 100% functionnal refurbished smartphones so your next iPhone doesn’t break down after just a few months.